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2021 Vassa Dhamma Talks by PATVH, Georgia, USA ended on 10/30/2021. We sincerely appreciate Venerable Dhammasara, Venerable Kumarabhivamsa, Venerable Janakabhivamsa, Venerable Kovida for their precious time and Dhamma teachings the past 16 weeks. Also thank interpreters , volunteers, and your participation and support.

Please send your request for teaching slides/transcripts, or suggestions & feedback for future teaching topics/events to americadhammasociety@gmail.com, or WeChat ID – tsae101. It is our plan to post the teaching video on this website after editing.

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1) For Pa Auk Georgia 2021 Vassa Dhamma Teachings or general purpose which provided a tax deductible receipt, please use PayPal Account: americadhammasociety@gmail.com
2) For teachers allowable requisites, please use PayPal Account: ads.PATVH@gmail.com
3) Check: payable to “America Dhamma Society”
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2021 年雨安居期間,帕奧禪林美國喬州分院, 舉行十六堂遠距英文佛法講座 圓滿結束. 我們衷心感謝 法髓尊者, 古瑪拉毘旺薩 尊者, 迦納咖毘旺薩 尊者, 果維達尊者, 在過去 16 周里寶時間和法教。也感謝口譯員、志願者,以及 大家的參與和支持.

請將您需要請的雨安居佛法講座的slides/講稿, 或您對講座的題目或未來活動的建議和反饋: 發送至郵箱 mailbox: ​americadhammasociety@gmail.com,
or 微信 ID – tsae101. 教學視頻編輯後將發佈在本網站上.

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1) 帕奧禪林喬州分院 2021雨安居遠程佛法講座 或 道場一般用途
PayPal Account:americadhammasociety@gmail.com
2) 導師如法資具: PayPal Account: ads.PATVH@gmail.com
3) 支票支付給: “America Dhamma Society”
郵寄地址: America Dhamma Society; c / o Janice Shen
PO Box 1684
Arcadia CA 91077

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To propagate Samatha Vipassana Meditation for the realization of Four Noble Truths: The Noble Truth of Suffering;
The Noble Truth of the Origin of Suffering;
The Noble Truth of the Cessation of Suffering;
The Noble Truth of the Path Leading to the Cessation of Suffering.


–The Venerable Pa-Auk Tawya Sayadaw 帕奧禪師