2018 Pa Auk Tawya Vipassanadhura Hermitage, Georgia 喬州帕奧襌林

Teacher 導師: Venerable U Maṅgala吉祥尊者

Sponsor 主辦 : America Dhamma Society (ADS) 美洲法學會

Place 地點: America Dhamma Society, 1975 Old Flat Branch Rd. Ellijay GA 30540

February 喬州帕奧襌林 禪修營 Meditation Retreat

Time 時間: February 10-23 , 2018

14 days 禪十四 : February 10 – 23

9 days 禪九 :February 10 - 18

7 days 禪七 :February 17-23

3 days 禪三 : February 10-12 , 17-19

(check-in 5:00-6:00PM February 9, check-out 2PM February 23)

Language in teachings 語言: Chinese & English

請自備蓋脚巾/坐墊和睡袋,男眾住宿 ADS 中心, 女眾住附近旅館

備有早午齋結緣 ,全程參加 優先, 徵義工

Please bring your own meditation towel/mat & sleeping bag, serve Breakfast & lunch. Male participants will stay overnights at ADS Center during the retreat. Female participants will stay at nearby hotels. Volunteers wanted.

Time 時間: May 25-28, 2018, daily 9am-9pm

“法的領導學” 講座 “Dhamma Leadership” Dhamma lecture series

Language in teachings 語言: English

Tuition 費用: Free (Donations are welcome and appreciated)

Register at http://americadhammasociety.org/ or email to ADS email

Contact: Theresa (678) 523-8241 or Janice (818) 653-6883

ADS Email:americadhammasociety@gmail.com


一位具有宏願悲心的上座部行者。1968 年出生於馬來西亞。1996 年依止帕奥西亞多禪師為戒師出家受具足戒。2006 年起成為帕奥禪林的業處導師。2008 年成立了兜率天修行林。至今,尊者在馬來西亞、中國大陸、台灣、新加坡、印尼 、美國等地指導止觀禪法與佛法講座。

Venerable U Mangala

Bhante U Maṅgala was born in Malacca,Malaysia in 1968. In 1996, he was ordained as a bhikkhu in Pa Auk Forest Monastery in Mawlamyine, taking Venerable Pa-Auk Sayadawgyi as his Preceptor. In 2006, Pa-Auk Sayadawgyi appointed Bhante as editation teacher in Pa Auk Forest Monastery.

Bhante established Tusita Hermitage and served the local and overseas Buddha Sāsana with his team since 2008.

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