29 Dec 17 23:50 +0000

Under the support of Sangha and Dhamma friends, Pa Auk Tawya Vipassanadhura Hermitage, Georgia was established and begins its wondrous mission to spread the Dhamma. The monastery is still in a start-up stage and therefore needs everyone’s help and support. We hope that all the Dhamma friends will gain wholesome Dhamma as well as merits for their practices through support of our wondrous mission. In “The Great Chronicle of Buddha”, the chapter named “Perfection of Alm’s Giving” mentions that “Dana made at the right time, on the proper occasion is called “kala-dana”; Dana made at inappropriate time is called “akala-dana”.

Therefore, giving support during the time when the monastery is in need is a very special “kala-dana”. This support will bring happiness and great merits to the giver and it leads to final liberation; benefiting not only the current moment but also at the right time in the future in abundance.

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