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30 Apr 18 07:35 +0000

【 PATVH Georgia 2018 Theravada Sīmā Setting & Activities 】

Pa-Auk Tawya Vipassanadhura Hermitage Georgia has yet to establish a valid Sīmā. In order to continue our lineage and build a good foundation in North America, Our Sangha committee decided to establish a Sīmā to perform Kamma and other Buddhist ceremonies for the Buddhist community in the future. Sīmā (boundary) defines the space or building where Sangha can meet and held ceremonies, ordination, rain retreat (vassa) etc. Sīmā is essential for the Sangha, because it is a prerequisite for the valid performance of each ecclesiastical act (Kamma) of the Buddhist community. The invalidity of Sīmā, therefore, implies the invalidity of the Upasampada (higher ordination, acceptance as Bhikkhu).

【 Sīmā Setting 】

In June, 2018, we will invite Sangha from Pa Auk Monastery at Myanmar and Malaysia to attend the Sīmā Setting ceremony. The Sangha must select and appoint a boundary (sīmā sammuti) for a place to perform Kamma. The Sīmā Setting ceremony is detailed and careful, and need to be attended by several Bhikkhus from the Sangha. It is a rare opportunity for the Sīmā Setting ceremony to happen outside of Burma. We sincerely invite Dhamma friends to come and witness this solemn ceremony.

Sima hall setting preparation is scheduled to be performed between June 8 and 16, 2018

Sima hall setting ceremony will be on June 17 (Sunday) , 2018

​【Event Details】